'' Can I produce my own designs at Excel? Yes, Excel Apparel can develop your designs, and also reproduce your existing lines

What is the minimum I can produce? We can produce a minimum 200 pieces of a single product

What are the costs? Costs in design and production vary depending on requirements; a consultation is required to establish the cost. We are competitive and cost effective.

Why should I trust Excel Apparel with my valuable business? We guarantee satisfaction. Excel Apparel have 25 years of successful design and manufacturing experience. You have at all times access to the Managing Director.

Can I visit Excel’s factories? Yes, and we welcome and encourage this practice.

My business is not UK based, can I produce with Excel? Yes, we are open for business worldwide.

I am not happy with my current offer, how can I improve my position? Contact us and we’ll be happy to review your product and offer advice with absolutely no obligation. We are happy to help. ''